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“Enterprises” theme

12 December 2016
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Portrait of Portugal in Europe

2016 Edition


The "Enterprises" theme of Pordata Europe is now more comprehensive and structured, with about 60 statistical tables for the 28 countries of the European Union.


The information is detailed by sectors such as construction, commerce, real estate or accommodation and restaurants. It is organized into five major areas:


·   Enterprises It includes data on the number, type and average size of the enterprises.


·   Personnel – It includes data on the persons employed and average expenses with salaries and social security charges.


·   Demography of enterprises – It includes data on enterprise births, deaths and survival, and on high growth enterprises.


·   Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – It includes data on the number of enterprises, personnel and average size the of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.


·   Production and Investment – It includes data on the turnover, gross operating surplus, value added and investment.


·   R & D and Innovation - It includes data on personnel and expenditure related to the research and development activities, as well as data on patent applications and grants.


 Eurostat is the primary source of the basic data, which are always accompanied by the concepts and descriptions necessary for their correct interpretation. For indicators expressed in euros, the possibility of converting current prices to constant still remains.


Click here to get to know the European entrepreneurial fabric in a new way and to discover how the Portuguese reality stands out or accompanies the dynamics of the remaining countries of the European Union.