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The Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation (FFMS)was created, in 2009, by Alexandre Soares dos Santos and family, descendants of Francisco Manuel dos Santos, to the memory of whom it is dedicated.


Guided by criteria of exemption, independence and rigour, the Foundation has very precise objectives: to promote the study, the knowledge, the information and the public debate, thereby contributing to the development of society, the strengthening of citizens' rights and the improvement of public institutions.


According to its by-laws, its “Charter of Principles” and the will of the Founder, the Foundation believes that the progress of societies depends on the participation of citizens in all issues that interest and concern them. Such participation and debate are conditioned by the knowledge of the facts and possession of the relevant information. In fact, creative public debate is what is done, without hindrance, among free people with informed opinions.


PORDATAwas FFMS's first contribution to that public debate. All published information originates from official and certified sources. The Foundation's main feature is to collect and organise the information available, making it more understandable and accessible to the entire population, thus providing a public service at no cost to the user.


This project was entrusted to Maria João Valente Rosa from June 2009 to February 2019. As from January 2020, it is under the responsibility of Luísa Loura.


All criticism, corrections and suggestions about this project will be welcome.