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New Portrait

03 May 2017
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PORTRAIT OF YOUTH – 2017 Edition


How many young people live in Portugal? How much do they represent in the population? How are they distributed in the territory? Are they at higher or lower risk of poverty than in other EU28 countries? Are they more or less educated than in the past? Are there more or less (un)employed young people?


These are just a few of the numerous issues you can clarify from the facts presented in the Portrait of Youth.


Focusing on young people, Pordata brings together, for the first time and in a single portrait, indicators relating to Portugal, the Municipalities and Europe.


The Portrait of Youth integrates about 50 statistical indicators on various themes of society: Population, Family, Social Protection and Poverty, Education, Labour Market, Digital World.

The Portrait of Youth is reflected in two approach perspectives: evolutional and comparative. Chronological evolution data are presented in line graphs, municipal data on maps and bar graphs, and data for the various European countries are sorted by ranking.


In this way, we hope to contribute to a well-founded reflection on the younger generations living in Portugal, within the different moments and contexts of their lives.


The  e-book version of the Portrait of Youth allows direct access to the statistical data published in Pordata.