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16 December 2015
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At the end of 2015, Pordata Europe presents itself with a new theme dedicated to MACROECONOMICS.


The official information on the subject, concerning the various European Union countries in the course of the past 20 years, is synthesized in over 80 tables and seven areas:

- Product and Productivity - includes data on GDP, labour productivity and the productive effort index;

- Income and Consumption - includes, among others, data on gross disposable income, private and public consumption;

- Investment and Savings - includes data on gross fixed capital formation, net lending or borrowingand household savings;

- Prices and Deflators - includes data on inflation of key goods and services;

- Balance of Payments - includes data on the current, capital, financial and technological accounts balances, foreign debt, remittances by immigrants and emigrants, international investment position and more;

- International Trade - includes data on the trade balance, describing the exports and imports of goods and services contingent on the major partners, as well as the coverage rate of imports by exports and the market share that each country has in world exports;

- General Government - includes data on government expenditure, revenue, deficit and debt, interest rates on treasury bonds and more.


The data are presented both in euros - permitting analysis of the evolution of each country - and in purchasing power standard (PPS) – allowing for comparison among the European Union countries.

All tables also incorporate the respective metadata, which includes the concepts and descriptions relevant to the understanding of the data.

The theme can be found here.