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Pordata's 5th Anniversary

19 February 2015
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Behind every statistic there is always a story. Since 2010, Pordata has already released numerous statistics and lost count of the stories told. In 2015, Pordata‘s fifth anniversary, there will be more news. Take note:


Between the 23rd February and 23rd May, applications may be submitted for the Pordata Innovation Award. The initiative rewards innovative indicators, based on data published in Pordata, representing an added valueto understanding the dynamics of society.


The daily television programme "Is this for me?" (Pordata/RTPsegment) will decipher concepts not always obvious, but that are generically used in the dailylife of citizens, like the GDP, public debt, inflation, among others. The programme starts on the 2nd March on RTP (Portuguese television).


Pordata will reach the Knowledge Pavilion, with an innovative exhibition for young people (from age 7): Pordata Live - the power of data. The idea is simple: to show, through the interaction with space, that statistics are fascinating. The exhibition can be visited from April to December, but the first module - "The beauty of data" – will be presented to the public on the 23rd February.


A new domain is also being prepared for a younger audience (children aged 8 to 12). Pordata Kids will work in an interactive manner and with an adapted language, without losing the accuracy and precision that characterize Pordata. Online as from September 2015.


The training domain will be upgraded and renamed Pordata Academy. The new name comes with a new valency on statistical literacy where answers will be provided to frequently asked questions, like: What is a ratio? What is the difference between census and survey? How to read index numbers? The training is intended for disseminators of statisticalinformation, such as journalists. Pordata Academy is scheduledto begin in October 2015.


Finally, and in addition to more data updating, Pordata will have new themes and indicators. Examples of this are: Tourism within the Municipalities, and the new assignment of the themes National Accounts and State Accounts to Macroeconomics and Public Accounts, leveraging new analytical angles.