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New Pordata theme

30 July 2015
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Tourism arrived at Pordata Municipalities

In the summer of 2013, the theme "Tourism" entered Pordata Europe, which has allowed the comparison of tourism in Portugal with that of the other EU countries. In the summer of 2014, "Tourism" entered Pordata Portugal, enabling a more detailed insight into this sector within the country, with new indicators and with a broader temporal scope. Now, in 2015 midsummer, the time has come for the theme to integrate Pordata Municipalities. A further contribution for a better knowledge of Portugal, through the magnifying glass of their municipalities and regions.

The Pordata Municipalities theme on Tourism includes 19 new tables, with data for the 308 municipalitiesand regions of Portugal, organized into three major areas: "Tourist Accommodation"; "Occupancy of Tourist Accommodation"; " Recipes for Tourist Accommodation".

Tourism is one of the most relevant areas for the national economy. Discover, for instance, which are the regions of the country with the highest tourism supply? Which are the most attractive regions for foreigners? Which territories benefit more from tourist accommodation?

Moreover …

Did you know that Portugal as a tourist country is very dissimilar?

Did you know that the population of the country’s regions does not only consist of residents?

Did you know that sojourning "inland" applies only to some regions?

Did you know that regardless of how touristy the regions may be, the highest occupancy rate (100%) of accommodation does not exist?

Did you know that revenues from nights spent in hotel accommodations do not stop growing, but only in some municipalities?


Data from this new theme are available here.