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New Pordata theme

31 August 2015
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Macroeconomics has arrived at Pordata Portugal


The theme "Macroeconomics" of Pordata Portugal includes about 90 tablesstarting, whenever possible, in 1960 up to the present. The data are varied and are organized into seven major areas:

·         Product and Productivity with data on GDP in the three perspectives (production, consumption and income) and much more;

·         Income and Consumption with data on public and private consumption, gross national income and much more;

·         Investment and Savings, with data on gross fixed capital formation, the savings rate of households, lending/borrowing of the main sectors of Portuguese economy and much more;

·         Prices and Deflators, with data on inflation of key goods and services and much more;

·         Balance of Payments with data on current account balances, capital, financial and technological account, emigrants/immigrants remittances by countries of origin and destination, net external debt and international investment position, EU transfers and much more;

·         International Trade with data on the trade balance, exports and imports of goods and services by type and by main partner countries and much more;

·         Banking and Credit with data on loans and deposits from enterprises and individuals and respective interest rates, non-performing loans, ATMs and much more.


All data are from official sources, such as Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE) and the Banco de Portugal (BdP). But Pordata does not only compile information: besides displaying data in a more simple and accessible manner, it also adds descriptions aimed at a better understanding of the various indicators (which can be found in the meta-information associated to the tables). All with the accuracy, comprehensiveness and confidence that Pordata’s users have grown accustomed to.


Data from this new theme are available here.