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News in the theme Enterprises

15 March 2019
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The theme "Enterprises, Personnel and Product" in Pordata Municipalities was reformulated, presenting new indicators compiled in 44 statistical tables organized by five areas:


Non-Financial Enterprises

Production and International Trade

Demography of Non-Financial Enterprises

Banking, Credit and Automated Teller Machines (ATM)



From this theme, you may access information concerning the municipalities and regions of Portugal about:


- how many enterprises are there per economic sector?

- which municipalities have higher or lower business density?

- where are the large enterprises located?

- how many Small and Medium Sized Enterprises exist in the Portuguese territory?

- what is the average number of employees in the enterprises?

- which regions of Portugal contribute more or less to the national GDP?

- where are the existing 11,823 ATMs and the 4,144 banks and savings banks located in Portugal?

- which are the amounts of credit granted by banks for housing or other purposes?

- which Portuguese municipalities have the highest rates of birth and death of enterprises?

- which municipalities are most dependent on the performance of the four largest enterprises located in their municipality?

- how many municipalities have a surplus trade balance? And a trade deficit?


All these questions, but not only, can be answered by consulting this new theme whose data have as main sources the INE (Statistics Portugal), the BdP (Bank of Portugal), and the SIBS, SA. (Forward Payment Solutions). All statistical tables are accompanied by the concepts and descriptions necessary for their correct interpretation (metadata).

Enter here to know the business fabric at the municipal level.