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News regarding the theme Enterprises

26 October 2015
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The theme Enterprises is now better structured and more complete.


The themeEnterprises now has almost 70 statistical tables organized in 8 areas:

·        Enterprises– Includes data on the number and types of companies: individual business and corporations; small/medium-sized and large enterprises; enterprises from sectors of economic activity such as the financial, construction and trade sectors.

·        Personnel – Includes data on personnel employed in the different types of enterprises, as well as data on the average expenditure with their employees and percentage of employees earning the national minimum wage;

·         Production, Investment and Indebtedness - Includes data on turnover, gross value added, gross fixed capital formation, investment rate and indebtedness.

·         Taxes - IRC– Includes data on corporate tax declarations, the amounts and average earnings reported by the enterprises;

·        Demography of Enterprises– Includes data on the birth, death and survival of enterprises after one and two years of their creation, and their respective rates. Data are also available on the high growth of non-financial corporations;

·        Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) – Includes detailed data on the universe of SMEs, such as number of enterprises, personnel, turnover;

·        Public Entrepreneurial Sector – Includes detailed data on this universe, namely number of enterprises, personnel and indebtedness;

·        R&D and Innovation– Includes data on investment -in personnel and expenditure- of the companies involved in research and development activities.


The data presented allow an updated reading of the recent business trends. The information sources, that are the basis of all the data presented, are official: the Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE), the Banco de Portugal (BdP), the Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos of Ministério da Economia (GEE/ME) and the Direcção-Geral da Administração e do Emprego Público of Ministério das Finanças (DGAEP/MEF).


In order to facilitate the accurate reading and understanding of the information presented, you can consult the meaning of the various terms and concepts associated with the data, as well as proceed to the graphical viewing of the information or to calculations of the figures displayed, namely where the values are in Euros, transforming current prices in constant prices.


Here is the invitation to explore and learn more about the Portuguese business reality.